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The 8th Tank Division
of the German Armed Forces

Volume 1

of the improved, extended new edition
has been released in November 2004.

A book for those, who are interested in military and contemporary historical events and for military collectors - of excellent quality, with a linen binding, monochrome embossing for cover and back cover and a four-colored protective cover.

Printed in Germany (ISBN 3-00-014513-3)

There are 720 text and illustrated pages, from which 128 pages are in two-colour- / four-color print and 1.300 photos and documents are shown. In combination with informative texts and historical statements of that time, the given information should find the interests of the buyers. Particularly the many four-colored illustrations of contemporary original collection objects are of great appeal.

On the following pages, you will find an excerpt from volume 1 of the book. The pages were optimized for the presentation in the Internet and do not correspond in their quality to the printed version. Due to the size of the pictures, it can take a longer time to load.

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